Harold and Leila HansenThe first Hansen to have Boxers was my Great Grandfather John S. Hansen. The second was my grandparents, Harold and Leila Hansen. Harold was very interested in showing and even was a past president of a local all-breed club. My father, Dr. Ralph JB Hansen, purchased a very nice bitch from the Valley Grove kennels in the 1950’s. She was then shipped back east to the top stud dog at one of the top kennels of that era. I remember the beautiful dogs that my Grandpa had and how he treated them like royalty.

My first Boxer was a plain fawn bitch J-JAC’S VELVET ANN, her sire was CH. EAGLE ROCK’S LEGIONAIRE and her dam was RAMACAR’S GALADRIEL. I was very upset that I didn’t get one of the first picks of that litter since I felt I had practically waited a life time for a special puppy. I had saved, read all the books at the library on Boxers and visited several respected breeders in the area. I took my grandfather with me to look at the litter and told him that I would not pick a puppy if it didn’t meet his standards. I was disappointed at first when I learned that other people had been promised the flashy show prospects. I was actually shocked when my grandpa selected one of the two remaining plain fawn puppy bitches and said that it would do.

I immediately got involved with the local boxer club and started attending conformation shows. I remember the excitement each time a show would come to town. As I would approach the show grounds my eyes would search for the best Boxers. Most of the time I would pick the winners before the shows would even begin. I would like to thank all of the people that spent hours answering my questions and helping a young boy to reach his dreams. Everyone was so helpful, even the competitors from out of state.

I laugh still to this day at some of the first letters that I had sent out to breeders all across the country inquiring about stud fee’s etc. I thought that if I wrote my inquiries by hand that the breeders would not treat me as an adult. So I typed each letter on a typewriter and included a picture. I am still surprised at the number of responses to my humble inquiries. I didn’t fool anyone in fact I am probably responsible for labeling all of the future breeders in this area as hicks that can’t even type a letter. Sorry………..

The first to write back were the owners of CH. Millan’s Venture and the owners of CH. Holly Lane ’s Winter Forecast. Looking back into my file cabinet I find that I wrote to many top kennels of those days and received answers from most. I have always tried to help others with their interest in Boxers but answering letters was always hard for me to do.

My first Boxer lived almost 15 years we called her “Babe”. I taught her to howl on command she was the hit of every get together with my friends. My kennel name was inspired from the Eagle Rock Kennels in Fruit Heights, Utah Owned by Wallace and Betty Abrams. They had a Sire of Merit by the name of Ch. Treceder’s Shine Boy. I took the “Eagle” part of their kennel name and the “Shine” part from their great producer. Betty often told me that she got her start from my Grand father. The Abrams taught me many things about the Boxer world, my memories of the visits with them will always be fondly remembered.

After graduating from the University of Utah my wife, Diane, bought my second Boxer “Brandy” as a fathers day present. Brandy was a plain brindle bitch very similar to my first boxer except for color. I bred her to Ch. Keil’s Dynasty LOM. and had a very nice litter which lead to my first Champion EAGLE SHINE’S OLD GLORY, owned by Larry and Patrice Anderson. He was a real showman, winning at most of the shows that he was entered, even though he was sick for several months. William and Marie Hargreaves showed him from start to finish to his Championship and did a wonderful job. They also taught me and my wife so much about the Boxers and over the course of several years made a huge impact on the Boxers in Utah.

Over the next several years we bred to many of the top dogs in the U.S. and Canada and produced several other winners, the most notable was American and Canadian Champion Eagle Shine’s Renegade “Reno.” He finished both championships very fast with two 4 pt. majors and two 5 pt. majors. He was owned by Cory and Debbie Parkin.

I would like to mention a few of the notable breeders that helped us: John and Ann Keil, Walter and Monika Pinsker, Michelle and Peter Yeadon, Sandy Roberts, Liz Esacove, Bruce and Judith Voran, Terry Carlson, Judy Sharp, Val Roberts, Dan Bussard, Don O’Hara, Ross McDonald, all of the Boxer Club of Salt Lake members for the past 35 years and of course those previously mentioned. I shouldn’t have started to mention to all of those people that have supported our efforts because many will be left out. Also I would like to thank those special families that have helped to rescue homeless boxers, several have assisted multiple times. To all of those that I have left out please accept my apology.

– Rob Hansen